Experience alpine freshness and heartfelt warmth. Draw vitality from nature and the landscape, invigorate your spirit. Let the colors and scents enchant you. Allow beauty and serenity to awaken a feeling of bliss. Welcome to the Engadine, an alpine valley full of life’s little pleasures. Welcome to the Privata, a place to find contentment.


Attention to detail. A sheltering warmth. The smell of pine wood. And sun-kissed bed linens. Stretch out luxuriously.


Combining the best of Italy and the best of the Engadine is the challenge and the goal of Flavio Gadola and his team.


Take a deep breath and feel the power of nature. All your senses awaken. The pungent smell of alpine herbs tickles your nose, a smile of satisfaction crosses your face.

I’ve seen many landscapes and liked virtually all of them. Yet only few appeared to be destined for me, to deeply and lastingly speak to me, to gradually blossom into small homes and the most beautiful landscape that impacted me the most is the Upper Engadin.

Hermann Hesse

Pure relaxation

Treat yourself to a Private Relax Massage by our masseuse Anna de Musso.

75 minutes treatment with hot stone, shiatsu and crystals for CHF 130 (please book early).

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