Summer activities

Take a deep breath and feel the power of nature. All your senses awaken. The pungent smell of alpine herbs tickles your nose, a smile of satisfaction crosses your face. And when the Lake of Sils reflects the sunset, the Privata takes on a romantic touch. A table for two in the Arvenstube. The lovely sheltering warmth of the guest rooms. A full moon says “hello”.


Hiking in the Engadin means enjoying breathtaking views of the Engadin lakes and of the surrounding three thousand metre peaks. In and around Sils, you can appreciate the Alpine world in all its glory: glaciers, waterfalls, mountain lakes, larch forests and lush Alpine meadows – all practically on your doorstep.


Biking in the Engadin is an adventure both for ambitious and casual cyclists. Anyone setting off from Sils can soon enjoy the spectacular Alpine scenery of the Engadin. Whether you prefer riding trails, paths or roads, Sils offers mountain bikers and cyclists a wide range of options. Not to mention a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Water sports

Lake Sils, the largest of the Engadin lakes, and Lake Silvaplana are an insider tip for water sports fans. This is precisely why the lakes are so special for sailors, canoeists, anglers, divers, SUPers, windsurfers and kitesurfers.